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The Future of Advertising 2012: Hear It From The Ad Students

January 30, 2012 by Kevin Michael Gray

Todays featured article take an in depth look into the minds of young advertisers.  From advertising headlines to communication (not advertising) forbes interviews some of the top ad students.  Read the article below:
Future of advertising
The students below come from Seneca College in Toronto, passionate advocates of modern, innovative and global advertising. Many of their students end up working in agencies around the world. They are led by an incredibly dedicated and inspiring professor named Anthony Kalamut. There are many other schools that are having a terrific impact on the advertising industry, educating some of the most incredible talent ever to apply for positions in the ad industry. The University of Oregon School of Journalism & Communication led by Deb Morrison, The Miami Ad School led by Pippa, VCU with Rick Boyko, Hyper Island, Beckmans, and Berghs in Sweden, there is Syracuse, NYU, Wharton, the University of Texas at Austin and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership Worldwide led by Michael Conrad, the Chung Ang University in South Korea, and CRAFT in India to name a few. In today’s world of movements, advertising can prove to be an extremely promising career choice.
So without further delay…here are the students in their own words. Enjoy…
What is one of the possible “game changing” developments of communication industry?
I believe that we are entering a completely new era of communication. Communication, not advertising. In this new era brands are interacting with publics in a completely new way. We will see more and more occurrences that are not exactly advertising, yet deliver USP, and some time even reflect the whole essence of the brand.
Take, for instance, campaigns for Walkers (AMV BBDO, UK), Windows 7 (Bungalow 25, Spain), or “The Girl Store” campaign (StrawberryFrog, NY). We are witnessing the whole new level of experiential and interactive approach to communication. Brands make people almost the main heroes of their campaigns. Consumers have become active way before even making a purchase. And this is where the social media can play its huge role in this new way of communication.
Bogdan Grygorenko (@indreamer)
Creative Thinker
While Neil French advises, “Avoid like genital warts the temptation to write copy”, Suzanne Pope pleads “…Write Headlines [like] Your Career Depends On It.” So what is a young advertiser to do?
As aspiring creative AdLanders, we all have one thing in common: we just want to make great and cool ads. Sometimes those ads are copy driven, and sometimes visual. With the current state of affairs, they are often both and none. After all, is ‘The Girl Store’ (Strawberry Frog) headline driven or visual? Is Bing ‘Decoded’ (Droga5) copy heavy or art heavy? Let’s agree that in the heart of every great ad is a great idea, and that idea can come in any form, regardless of what the creator’s business card says.
So the next time you see a young AdLander extending their book towards you, please don’t ask copywriter or art director? Instead wonder: “Good Ideas” or “Bad Ideas”. Because while you (the industry leaders) are searching for the next ad Picasso or Whitman, it’s just possible that you might miss an ad Dr. Seuss.
RJ Esfandiyari (@MediumLebowski)
With so many students of advertising and limited internships and job opportunities (especially on the creative side), how does one stand out from the rest? What are Agencies looking for and how can we, as students, break through the clutter and get their attention?
Two words: Social Media. Today, it’s much easier to get involved in the advertising community; even if you have no connections to begin with. Like a television spot a particular agency did? Send the Creative Director and e-mail telling he or she what you thought. Like the work an Agency is doing? Follow them on Twitter, Tweet the creative team, let them know you like the work their doing. What’s the worst that could happen? who knows, they might follow you back and share more information.
We hear it all the time; Advertising is moving beyond the traditional platforms of print, television, radio, and out-of-home. We, as students, much follow suit. Be active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other forms of social media, and network, network, network!
Anthony Riccio



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