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Digital Advertising has Banner Future

January 16, 2012 by Kevin Michael Gray

Digital Advertising is a necessity now of days, the strategy a company chooses to employ alters the overall success of that brand.  Experts project a 20% increase in ad revenue by 2012.  Today's featured article comes from business2community and offers an inside look at the digital advertising boom.  Read more below:   

Digital advertising has quickly advanced from a fringe buy to an imperative part of companies’ media mix. Let’s go back ten years. Online advertising was maybe a fraction of the US total media spend. If it only took twelve years to get to where we are technologically, I can’t even fathom what 2024 will bring.
Robert Channick of the Chicago Tribune brings up an interesting point. The medium has leapfrogged every advertising vehicle except for television. Is this the next step? Could the two be integrated to create the next marketing revolution?
Channick’s research shows that online advertising is looking at a 20 percent increase in 2012. Everything from search and banner ads to commercial videos will clock in at $31 billion, only 2 percent growth in the U.S. ad spend. Marketers are chasing their audiences, they’re seeing the internet as the vital ingredient that its been groomed to be. Facebook pages have become the infomercials of this generation. The introduction of technologies like smartphones, high-speed Internet and the almighty iEverything has only prompted more creativity. Search advertising is the largest segment of online spending at 46 percent, video advertising is the fastest-growing, up an impressive 52 percent from last year.



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