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Advertising: Back To The Future

September 28, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray

Lets go back... far back.... further than back.... the good old days of advertising!  What was it like?  Sometimes the most significant transformations are inspired from times in the past.  Todays featured article comes from jmfieldmarketing.com.  Read more below:

Just as technology continues to evolve so will advertising mediums. And social media is quickly taking over the world. OK so maybe Mark Zuckerburg won’t become president anytime soon, but the platform continues to change the way users experience and interact with the web. Facebook’s recent departure from the easy-to-use interface users have grown accustomed to and move towards a more complex profile has both irked and interested many users. Nielsen reports, many Americans spend more time on Facebook than on any other site.  And with 53% of active adult social networkers following brands, businesses are able to engage their consumers where they spend most of their time. However, now it seems the future of Facebook depends on the tolerance of users.

TV will remain an effective medium because, let’s face it, we can’t get enough of it, whether it’s online or in our living room. A lot like the internet, consumers depend on television for entertainment as well as information. So whether you’re addicted to CNN or the Jersey Shore, chances are the online versions just won’t cut it 24/7. As TV also continues to evolve, and DVR becomes a household essential, integration will become key. Millenials are multi-taskers, they’re online, listening to music and watching TV all at once. Advertisers will need to respond by incorporating more than one application of technology, and some already have. QR codes are a great example, aside from seeing these in ads on the pages of magazines, they have appeared in TV ads for consumers to scan in order to obtain a URL, a discount or more information on a brand.




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