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About Future of Agencies

Future of Agencies is a digital forum around topics of the changing creative and advertising world. It was started by Grant Powell and is a part of the Pomegranate Network. The mission of Future of Agencies is to answer questions related to the changing dynamic of business needs and the advertising and creative industry.

About Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a digital agency and creative talent network structured to function as dynamically as our clients require. Pomegranate's mission is to organize the world’s best creative talent, and make it available to clients in a scalable, collaborative form. Pomegranate delivers innovative and mission-critical solutions for their clients' needs through a vast and one-of-a-kind "cloud" network of talent.

Pomegranate is headquartered in New York with offices and satellite teams around the world.

Learn more about Pomegranate at www.pom8.com.

About Network Agencies

Pomegranate has shifted the paradigm from the traditional agency structure to a new virtual network or "digital cloud" agency structure. Pomegranate's innovative model enables teams to support the ever-changing needs of enterprise companies regardless of time and place and without fixed overhead.  As an international cloud of talent, the value of Pomegranate to its clients is virtually limitless.

"The effect of a true network is that for each member that is added to the network, the more valuable the network becomes to its members."

Learn more about Network Agencies at www.networkagency.com


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